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Good Morning.

I'm trying to get a valid consent to get the available accounts. So The first step is a call to this URL:
I receive a JSON like this: {"transactionStatus":"RCVD","_links":{"redirect":""},"consentId":"231163b3f0cd4a99af10bd99766c1142","psuMessage":" "}
So first of all I save the consentId, and then I follow that link and finish the login process with test user credentials.

They I try to get all the available accounts and the error is the next:
{"transactionStatus":"RJCT","tppMessages":[{"category":"ERROR","code":"CONSENT_INVALID","text":"The consent definition is not complete or invalid. In case of being not complete, the bank is not supporting a completion of the consent towards the PSU. Additional information will be provided."}]}

I haven't seen any kind of "consent validation" method. How can I do that?



Good morning Afterbanks, For this situation we request that you please open a ticket in Support Ticket. Best Regards, SIBS API Market

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