API Documentation


Payments (2.1.7)(2 APIs included)

Provide your users with the ability to initiate payments using one of the payment products made available in Portuguese homebankings. Get also access to the provisioning of personal finance and liquidity management services to both private and corporate clients.

P2P payments
Business to Business
SEPA credit transfers(SCT)
TARGET2 Payments
Worldwide Payments (Swift)
Instant Payments (SCT Inst)


MULTIBANCO (2.1.8)(3 APIs included)

Provide your users with the ability to pay using one of the most popular payment instruments, widely accepted by merchants and utilities, amongst Portuguese consumers and organizations.

Invoice payments
Online payments
Mobile phones top-up
Payments to public entities (e.g. taxes, fines)


Accounts (2.1.7)(3 APIs included)

Provide your users with a consolidated view of their available balance, income, and spending. Corporate and personal predict spending behaviour, overdrafts, reconcile invoices with payments, among others.

List of Accounts
Account Information
Transaction history
Availability of Funds


MB WAY (1.0.2)(1 API included)

Add this revolutionary payment method to your business and start seeing your profit grow. Your customers will be able to pay with MB WAY by only providing a phone number and checking the notifications on their MB WAY app.

Mobile Payment
Online Payments
In app Payment
Secure Checkout
+2.000.000 Potential Buyers


Information Product (1.0.2)(1 API included)

Find information for each of the adherent banks/ASPSP. Get to know the list of APIs supported by the bank/ASPSP, its identification (SWIFT BIC), full name, short name, or logo.

Connected Banks/ASPSP
Bank/ASPSP Logos
Available APIs per bank/ASPSP
24 Banks Integrated