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Unlike the other api's, this one does not have proper documentation.


Where can i find guidance on authorization flows and certificates?



SIBS Staff
API Documentation


The authorization process for a TPP to use an API connection in Portugal is managed by Banco de Portugal.

After the registry, a TPP should request an eIDAS PSD2 compliant certificate to a Qualified Trust Service Provider within Europe.

For more details on the process please refer to: sp.psd2@bportugal.pt


 Regarding this specific API:

The List of Banks API has a single flow: a request for information to which SIBS answers with a list of Banks and the features, details and payment instruments allowed by each one.

As for the certificates, we are still evaluating internally our policy in respect to this particular API. More detail will be provided soon.

Do we need a certificate,

Do we need a certificate, issued by Banco de Portugal, to test the API in the development environment? I was under the impression, after reading the PSD2 pdf, this would only be necessary for test and production.

SIBS Staff
Do we need a certificate,


That is correct. The above mentioned certificate is not required for testing on Sanbox environment of SIBS API market


So what should I send for TPP

So what should I send for TPP-Certificate and TPP-Signature? Whenever I'm trying to call those are mandatory, will any certificate work?



SIBS Staff
So what should I send for TPP


The TPP-Certificate and TPP-Signature are required fields in the Sandbox environment but their content will not be validate. However, those fields will be mandatory and checked in the Test and Production environment .


Thank you, just sent a random

Thank you, just sent a random string and was able to get a response, I will deal with the certificate when the time comes :).

I'll take this opportunity to let you know that the documentation has a small mistake, it says that the response has a "aspspList" property, with all the aspsp available, however the list is called "aspsp-list" in the actual response.

Thanks for the help!

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