Error in the list of banks

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Error in the list of banks

Good morning,

Im trying to do a list banks request in test page


X-IBM-Client-Id: 714f8a59-31ce-4a0b-b17a-41a514f431a5

accept: application/json

TPP-Transaction-ID: 936ed8ae-c4db-4109-8f64-3da08f1aba22

TPP-Request-ID: 9aaa9be3-7413-4c30-add1-6229cb3abf86

but i get this error:
No response. This is a cross-origin call. Make sure the server accepts requests from this portal. Or if using self-signed SSL certificates then paste the URL above into your browser to accept the certificate before trying again (On Internet Explorer it must be the same browser tab.).

What is the reason?

Error in the list of banks

I had that one... you must turn off your VPN, assuming you have one

not found
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